piątek, 10 kwietnia 2009

At a doctor's office - U lekarza

doctor's office

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Mary. How are you?
- Awful, doctor.
- What's the trouble?
- I'm not feeling well. I've got a sore throat, runny nose and my chest hurts.
- How long have you been like this?
- Three or four days.
- You look feverish. I'd better take your temperature. Now, breathe deeply. Cough, please. I think you've got flu: there's a lot of it about.
- What should I do?
- I'll prescribe an antibiotic. Take two teaspoons of this medicine twice a day. And you must stay in bed for a week.
- Isn't that too long? I have to work!
- Forget about it. You must take care of your health now. I want you to come and see me in a couple of days. Now, take this prescription to come to the chemist's and then go straight to bed.

- awful - okropnie
- What's the trouble - Co ci dolega?
- my chest hurts - boli mnie klatka piersiowa
- look feverish - wyglądać na rozgorączkowaną
- take your temperature - zmierzyć temperaturę
- breathe deeply - oddychać głęboko
- cough - kaszleć

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