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Paraphrasing 4

Matura próbna - styczeń 2009
1. When I first came to Scotland, I had difficulty understanding the accent.
When I first came to Scotland, I ___________________________________ the accent.

2. I asked Chris and Tom to help me but both of them refused.
I asked both of them to help me but ___________________________________ agreed.

3. I don’t feel like driving today.
I _________________________________________ today.

4. She will probably move to Scotland.
She ___________________________________ to Scotland.

5. Stupidly, I left my mobile at home.
I left my mobile at home, ______________________________ thing to do.

Matura próbna - maj 2009
6. I can’t stand this noise any longer.
I can’t put ______________________ this noise any longer.

7. I wouldn’t dare to say that under any circumstances.
Under no circumstances _______________________________________ to say that.

8. People say he broke the promises he had made.
He is said ________________________________________ the promises he had made.

9. ‘Please don’t say anything to Paul,’ said the girl to her mother.
The girl begged her mother ______________________________ Paul anything.

10. That’s a real pity that you invited him.
If only you ________________________________________________ him.

1. found it difficult to understand
2. neither Chris nor Tom
3. would rather not drive
4. is likely to move
5. which was a stupid
6. up with
7. would I dare
8. to have broken
9. not to tell
10. hadn't invited

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