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Paraphrasing 3

Matura - maj 2007
1. I don’t allow anyone to repair my car. I do it myself.
I refuse _______________________________________ by anyone. I do it myself.

2. There are no eggs left.
We ____________________________________ eggs.

3. We were late because there was so much traffic.
If ______________________________________ traffic, we wouldn’t have been late.

4. As I get older, I become more experienced.
The _____________________________________________ I become.

5. I cannot bear this rainy weather any more.
I cannot ___________________________________ this rainy weather any more.

Matura - maj 2008
6. I am sure they forgot to pack the map.
They ___________________________________________________ to pack the map.

7. He’s a real snob! He thinks he’s better than others who don’t have fashionable clothes.
He’s a real snob! He _______________________________ those who don’t have
fashionable clothes.

8. Almost nobody answered the question because it was too difficult.
The question was so difficult that ________________________________________ it.

9. I prefer staying dirty to washing in that water.
I __________________________________________________ wash in that water.

10. Our children are allowed to stay up late on Saturdays.
We ___________________________________________________ late on Saturdays.

1. to have my car repaired
2. have run out of
3. there had been less
4. older I get, the more experienced
5. put up with
6. must have forgotten
7. looks down on
8. hardly anybody answered
9. would rather stay dirty than
10. let our children stay up

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