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Paraphrasing 2

Matura - maj 2006
1. They will take away your licence if they catch you driving so fast.
You _________________________________ away if they catch you driving so fast.

2. Poisonous snakes can rarely be seen in this part of the country.
Not often _________________________ poisonous snakes in this part of the country.

3. Do you mind if I try this sweater on?
Do you have ________________________________________ trying this sweater on?

4. The police are investigating the case very thoroughly.
The case _________________________________________ very thoroughly.

Próbna matura - listopad 2006
5. It was not necessary for him to take any warm clothes, so he travelled light.
He ________________________ take any warm clothes with him, so he travelled light.

6. Sources report that some people are searching for their relatives.
Some people are reported ___________________________________ for their relatives.

7. He hasn’t ridden a bicycle for ages.
It’s ages ______________________________________________ a bicycle.

8. She is not self-confident enough; that’s why she did not cope with the situation then.
If she were more self-confident, she ______________________ with the situation then.

9. ‘No, I wasn’t there,’ Kevin said.
Kevin denied ____________________________ there.

1. will have your licence taken
2. can you see - Inwersja / Inversion
3. any objection to my
4. is being investigated - Strona bierna / Passive Voice
5.  did not have to / did not need to
6. to be searching 
7. since he rode
8. would have coped
9. being / (that) he had been / having been 

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