niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010

Wyrażenia i idiomy z ALL

- all but - nearly, almost/except (prawie)
I've all but finished; just give me a few minutes.
- all in (inf) - exhausted (wyczerpany)
I don't think I'll go out tonight. I'm all in.
- all told - altogether (całkowicie)
I've been following the election campaign ans all told I think the government will win the election.
- for all - in spite of (pomimo)
For all his hard work, he didn't get a promotion.
- of all people - used to express annoyance/surprise because a certain person was thought to be unsuitable (nie spodziewać się tego po kimś)
I never expected you of all people to say such a thing!
- all along - from the beginning (od początku)
I don't know how they found out, but they've known about it all along.
- all the same - yet, however (jednak)
He promised to come to the party on Friday; all the same, I don't think we should count on him.
- all in all - when everything is considered (podsumowując)
All in all, it seemed to be quite a good suggestion.
- for all I know - as far as I know (o ile wiem)
She told me her name was Joan but for all I know she could be lying.
- for all I care - I don't care (wszystko mi jedno)
You can take the whole lot for all I care.

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