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Halloween - part 8 - more materials

Dzisiaj ostatni wpis o Halloween - publikowałam je przez ostatni tydzień :) I mimo że nie wyczerpałam wszystkich pomysłów, które spisałam sobie na kartce, to myślę, że to co tutaj wrzuciłam przyda Wam się, jeśli nie w tym roku to w przyszłym.

Here are more ideas about Halloween:

Crafts and art:
1. During your lesson you and your students can make a pumpkin made of modelling clay.
2. If you have a culinary talent, you can bake  pumpkin pie. You can find a recipe for example here: Pumpkin Pie . Or you can also cook famous Pumpkin Soup .
3. You can ask your students to cut a pumpkin out of a sheet of paper, colour it and clasp it with a clothes peg on a line hanging in your classroom.
4. You can make skeletons stamps. I wrote about it here .
5. Or, of course, you can carve a real jack-o-lantern with a candle inside.
Have fun!

I would like to show you three more books which can be helpful during you classes:

the a z of ghosts, skeletons

You can read here what to do if you meet a werewolf, some terryfying tales you might believe etc.

creepy poems

Creepy Poems is another interesting book for Halloween. You can find many poems here. For example this one:

Spider Night
has too many legs,
walks high and silently
across wide spaces
into everywhere;

spreads hands
like spider webs
across your garden,
your house,
your room;

through the long night
with unsleeping
spiders' eyes;
hears you breathing.

Creepy poems

And last but not least, you can use this book:

teaching English through culture
Picture taken from:

You can find here lessons for many English and American festivals, including Halloween. There is even Michael Jackson's lyrics for "Thriller" :)

Here you can find my old article about this song. There are also lyrics and vocab. (Unfortunately, the page does not exist anymore).

EDIT: Recently I've heard that it will be a new version of Thriller - in 3D! I can't wait!

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