niedziela, 13 lutego 2011

Nadinterpretacja w tłumaczeniu?,80271,8830104,Kaczynski__Cameron_mi_gratulowal__Mam_to_na_pismie.html

Some say the crash was a turning point in Russian-Polish relations. What’s your response to those who see a bright side?
I’d rather not talk about positives from a crash where my twin brother, his wife, our friends, and so many others were killed. The Russians played skillfully. They pinpointed a weakness: Prime Minister Tusk. He immediately accepted condolences and publicly embraced [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin. He put himself in a position where any blame directed at the Russians would also be on his shoulders. I was at the airport on the same day and was offered the same thing, but declined. [British Prime Minister] David Cameron congratulated me on that decision later.


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