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Inversion for emphasis

Inwersję w języku angielskim stosujemy przede wszystkim w pytaniach, również w okresach warunkowych. W języku formalnym czasami stosuje się inwersję w celu podkreślenia (emfazy) czegoś.
Inversion for emphasis
Here are some examples:
  • Little did she know how much work was left.
  • On no account must you sleep at school.
  • Never should you remember who's your boss.
  • Only then can you belong to me.
  • Here comes the sun.
  • In no way is Tom responsible for what has happened.
  • Under no circumstances can we free this man.
  • Not until she married him, did she realize what kind of person he was.
  • Only after her speech did I realize how important the problem was.
  • Only after I completed (completing) the test did I realize how clever I was.
  • Here comes the hero!
  • There goes our little princess!
  • Seldom did I understand what they were saying
  • Never had I been so exhausted.
  • Rarely did she thank when complimented.
  • Hardly had I entered the room when the telephone rang.
  • Scarcely had I arrived when trouble started.
  • No sooner did I go out on my own than I realized that I needed more training.
  • At no time would he allow his team mates to argue with the referee.
  • Rarely / Seldom have I seen such an exciting game of football.
  • Hardly had I taken my seat before two goals were scored.
  • I had to show him my press pass and only then did he let me in.
  • Only when the players had changed into smart clothes after the match were they allowed to talk to the TV reporters.
Źródło: http://www.tlumaczenia-angielski.info/angielski/inversion.htm
Miłej nauki :) Postaram się wrzucić też jakieś ćwiczenia. I jeszcze taki zimowy obrazek, bo mi się podoba ;)


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